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Phone: 01953 884681 or 07557785895

AO Services has been selling Classic British Motorcycle electrical parts and advising on electrical issues for over 40 years.
We specialise in:

Electronic ignitions
Modern reliable electronic replacements / add-ons to improve your Classic British Motorcycle

Two particular products which we have instigated the manufacture of are the TEB Technology "solid state dynamo Voltage Regulator" and "Battery Status Monitor (BSM)". Have a look at the BSM which has a lot of extra features!


I give unbiased technical advice to suit your needs. I can sort out just about any non-charging fault and can often advise on methods of getting more power output from your classic British motorcycle electrical system.

Yours Al Osborn

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Products we sell: 

V-Reg IIb - Dynamo Regulator

See Dynamo regulators - Index
for further information about dynamo regulators
and the reasons why our regulator is the one to use.

V-Reg II


Boyer and Lucas Rita ignitions

18D2 distributor electronic ignition

Silk Scott / Boyer ignition

Ignition coils

Mistral Engineering and RITA

  NEW digital version- Battery Status Monitors

Low charge (low voltage) switch

Assimilator Replacement

Alternator regulator
Regulator/Rectifiers 12V, 6V and 3 Phase

Rectifiers (fits all)

 Zener diodes


Wires and crimps (and crimp tools) 

Wiring loom kits

Multimeters Including testing instructions 

Magneto Timing Light

Magneto Ignition Key

Test &

This is only a sample of our product range, see our price list

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Alan Osborn
35 Griston Road
Thetford. IP25 6DN

Phone or fax: +44 (0)1953 884681

Mobile: 07557785895

Email messages will reach me via AL # AOservices.co.uk please type the email address using an @ instead of the # symbol (sorry for inconvenience, but this reduces my email spam). I am always available to answer your motorcycle electrical queries via telephone.

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See here for information about upgrading your 6V system to 12V (specifically the dynamo and regulator)

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