Manufactures Part number: 95306

Lo-Voltage Lamp Driver (LVLD)

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This product was originally designed to replace the Norton Commando 'warning light simulator', where it could use the standard Lucas 'idiot' warning lamp. The state-of-the-art encapsulated device can be readily used in many other automotive application and battery warning applications.


The lamp will illuminate when the ignition is on and will extinguish when the engine has started and the battery voltage rises.
This device will drive a standard automotive instrument lamp (up to 3W). The potted construction is vibration resistant and designed to be electrically robust. The nominal switching point is set at 12.5V, with about 250mV of hysteresis built-in to provide positive switching.


Lead Colour


RED Positive supply
BLACK Negative supply
GREY To Lamp
(other lamp connection to negative)

The device can be used on any 12V battery vehicle, + or earth.

Alternative Versions

A number of alternative versions of the LVS have be produced for special applications. If you have an application which requires a modification to the standard product please get in touch, email engineering @ Some modifications can be done at very little extra cost and we don't require large quantities to make it worthwhile.

Example of current 'modified' versions:

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Last modified: 14 March, 2002