Manufactures Part number: 3009A

Battery Status Monitor (Digital)

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The Battery Status Monitor (BSM) is a limited range Light Emitting Diode (LED) voltmeter, designed to monitor the voltage across a 6V or 12V lead-acid battery in an automotive situation. The original analogue BSM has been proven in the harsh motorcycle arena for many years and is used in CAA type approved "micro-light" aircraft. The digital BSM is a significant upgrade to this successful product, with more features in a smaller and lighter package. The BSM is protected against electrical abuse including reverse connection and unlike an analogue meter it is immune to vibration. The digital BSM has built in ambient light detection, which reduces the LED brightness under low light (night driving) conditions.

Alternative Versions

There are a number of different electrical types and mounting options for the BSM, ensure you have the correct version for your application. The BSM can be fitted to an instrument panel using the bezel version or be clipped to a tube using the handlebar version. Electrical versions are available for conventional 6V and 12V systems. A further version is available for 12V 'Pre-charged' applications where the battery is initially charged and then discharged in use; such systems are used on some racing machines, caravans and gliders.


The BSM will change colour dependent on its input voltage; the colour will indicate the operational state of the battery. The following table shows the approximate voltages for each colour, in practice the colour changes gradually between RED and GREEN as the battery goes from discharging to charging:

Conventional System

Colour 6V Version 12V Version Meaning
 Slow Flash RED  Less than 5.38V Less than 10.75V Extreme under voltage - recharge battery now!
 RED  Less than 6V Less than 12V Battery low or under load (engine off).
                   6.0V to 6.9V
12.0V to 13.8V
Expect Orange / Yellow for a fully charged battery (engine off).
 GREEN  More than 6.9V More than 13.8V Battery on charge.
 Fast Flash RED  More than 7.63V More than 15.25V Over charging or charge system high voltage, check regulator!

Pre-Charged Battery System

Colour Voltage Meaning
 Slow Flash RED  Less than 10.50V Extreme under voltage - recharge battery immediately!
 RED  10.5V Capacity nearly exhausted
                   10.5V to 12.5V Discharging
 GREEN  More than 12.5V Fully charged (at rest)
  Flashing GREEN  More than 13.8V Battery on charge
 Fast Flash RED  More than 15.25V Over-charging - investigate!


Bezel Version: Drill a 14.0mm hole (tight 9/16"). Place the bezel through the hole from the front. From behind the panel push the BSMs LED through the bezel until it clicks. If the panel material is thin it may be necessary to use silicone sealant to secure the bezel at the rear.

Handlebar Version: Tie the BSM to the handlebar using the large black cable tie through the mounting clip, pull tight and cut off the excess tail end. Ensure the serrations of the cable tie are in contact with the handlebar. Run the twin cable to the headlamp/instrument housing and connect as detailed below. If necessary use the supplied small cable tie to secure the connecting wire.

Handlebar mounted BSM Dash mounted BSM


Join the positive (RED) and negative (BLACK) wires to the ignition circuit and earth, according to the system's polarity. If the BSM fails to light up the connections could be reversed; the unit will not be damaged, try again! Be aware that voltage drops from heavy loads (headlamp) may effect (lower) the BSM results.

Model Numbers

Stock Item Part Number Voltage Description
Tick 3009A1 12 Extended temperature (-25 to +85C), bezel mounting. For industrial & aviation use
  3009A2 6 Extended temperature (-25 to +85C), bezel mounting. For industrial & aviation use
Tick 3009A3 12 Standard version, bezel mounting
Tick 3009A4 6 Standard version, bezel mounting
Tick 3009A5 12 Pre-charged system, bezel mounting
  3009A6 6 Pre-charged system, bezel mounting
Tick 3009A7 12 Handlebar Mount
  3009A8 6 Handlebar Mount
  3009A9 12 Pre-charged system, bezel mounting, extended temperature (-25 to +85C)
  3009A10 6 Pre-charged system, bezel mounting, extended temperature (-25 to +85C)

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Last modified: 30 June, 2003