Manufactures Part number: 1022A

Select Assimilator

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The Select Assimilator is a direct replacement for the Norton electronic black plastic unit used on the Mk III. The new unit is smaller, but maintains the same fixing position and connections as the original. It is even possible to fit the new part into the original assimilator casing please contact us for details.

The Select Assimilator includes a number of improvements over the original:

The unit may also be used to replace the earlier Lucas 3AW warning light assimilator as used on the Mk I and Mk IIA Nortons, provided the wiring is re-arranged as detailed in the table below. The unit may also be used with any RM21 or similar (12V +Earth) alternator system. If there is any doubt please contact us.
More information on original assimilators is available the NOC web-site.


The lamp will illuminate when the ignition is on and will extinguish when the engine has started and the alternator voltage rises above that of the battery.




-IGN Ignition switch (negative supply)
AL Alternator
AL Alternator
WL Warning Lamp (other end to -IGN)
+Earth Earth (positive supply)

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Last modified: 14 March, 2002